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Jan F. Veneman, Health – Rehabilitation Robotics, Tecnalia Research and Innovation, Spain

Jan is mechanical engineer and doctor in biomechatronics with University of Twente, Netherlands. Since 2008 working in Tecnalia (former Fatronik) as project manager and senior researcher on human-robot interaction, rehabilitation of gait and posture, and robotic ortheses for gait; lines in which he was active since 2002, starting with the LOPES gait rehabilitation robot. Since 2013 he is coordinating the EC-FP7 consortium research Project BALANCE, on the development of a robotic exoskeleton with self-balancing control and since 2012 international expert in several ISO and IEC standardization working groups


Danijela Ristić-Durrant, Institute of Automation, University of Bremen, Germany

Danijela received the PhD degree in electrical engineering from the University of Bremen in 2007. Currently she is postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in robotics at the University of Bremen, Germany, and Assistant Professor for the field of automatic control and robotics at the University of Niš, Serbia. She was project manager and researcher in FP7-EU project CORBYS and the coordinator of several bilateral projects in the field of rehabilitation robotics. Her current research interests include rehabilitation and assistive robotics and sensor-based control of robots that interact with humans



Carlos Rodriguez Guerrero, Robotics and Multibody Mechanics group, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Carlos received his bachelor's degree in Mechatronics engineering from Universidad Militar Nueva Granada in 2005. He was granted with the CYTED scholarship of excellence in 2008 to continue his studies in Spain, where he received his M.Sc and Ph.D degrees from Universidad de Valladolid in 2012. He is now a Post-Doc researcher at Vrije Universiteit Brussel working on the control of the CORBYS and ALTACRO projects. His research interests have been focused on improving physical human robot interaction by using novel actuation systems and a human centered approach that includes the human into the loop


Edwin van Asseldonk, MIRA, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Edwin is Assistant Professor at the Department of Biomechanical Engineering at University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands. He is a human movement scientist and obtained his PhD in Biomechanical Engineering in 2008. His main interests include human motor control, rehabilitation robotics and human-machine interaction in the lower extremities. He is researcher in the FP7-EU projects BALANCE and SYMBITRON, which both aim to improve the functionality and usability of wearable exoskeletons